Why teach english?

If you love teaching, have been searching for your niche, or just want more experience as you prepare for your future, you may have wondered, "What are the benefits of teaching English as a foreign language?" Well, luckily for you, there are many!

  • Build your resume - Teaching English, at home or abroad, is an excellent building-block experience for a future career in business, education, science, politics, and international relations, just to name a few.
  • See the world - There are many opportunities to teach abroad and a number of these positions do not require previous teaching experience. When you teach and live abroad, you become so much more than a tourist as you are an active and vital member of the community!
  • Personal growth and perspective - The stresses and successes of teaching will undoubtedly teach you a great deal about yourself, especially if you choose to teach in another country. You may also learn to truly appreciate your own English language skills and see your home country and culture in a new light.
  • Make a difference - By teaching English, you give your students the skills and knowledge to succeed, and allow them the opportunity to more fully participate and engage in business, science and technology, and arts and entertainment.

educ 275: tesol methods

The TESOL Methods course (3 credits) is designed to equip students with the theoretical background and strategies for successfully teaching English to those who speak languages other than English. Through in-depth readings, classroom discussions, and presentations, students will begin to master the body of knowledge relevant to teaching English Language Learners (ELLs). A 20-hour field experience including observation of experienced ESOL educators and hands-on experience developing, planning, and teaching ELLs will help students develop successful classroom strategies and practices. This course also counts for Core Franciscan Justice (CFJ).

For more information, contact Dr. Melody Nadeau at mnadeau@siena.edu.

teach abroad

Thinking about spending a year abroad after graduation? Consider teaching abroad! This is an excellent way to see the world, gain valuable professional experience, and build your resume for graduate school or your future career. Typically spanning 8-12 months, teach abroad placements put you in front of the classroom while also promoting educational and community development. 

Prior teaching experience is recommended, but not necessary for most programs. For more information, review opportunities on our Teach Abroad page and visit the Center for International Programs.