Siena College's Center for Academic Community Engagement (ACE) focuses on the development and success of our members by fostering transformative and impactful experiential learning opportunities through equity centered community engagement initiatives. 


Through mutually beneficial partnerships, we provide participants meaningful opportunities to develop competence in their professional skills and serve others in ways that respect identities, empower communities, and produce positive and long lasting change. 

Uniting allies for collective action in our communities. 


  1. Collaborative action. Applies knowledge, disciplinary expertise and professional skills to collaboratively work with diverse partners to produce meaningful, sustainable, and beneficial change in their local, regional, and global communities.
  2. Critical and creative reasoning. Explores problems/opportunities through the analysis of evidence from a variety of sources and perspectives; increases understanding by breaking complex topics into manageable parts; and, combines ideas in ways that demonstrate creativity and innovation.
  3. Ethical reasoning. Recognizes ethical issues in a variety of settings; considers the ramifications of actions to individuals, communities and the environment; relies on Franciscan Concerns for diversity, heritage, justice, and nature to make informed decisions and guide sustainable action.
  4. Oral and written communication. Develops and expresses ideas in professional settings which effectively increases knowledge, fosters understanding, and promotes change in attitudes, values, beliefs, or behaviors.
  5. Teamwork and leadership. Contributes toward goals, interacts with others in a respectful manner, manages processes, and motivates others to achieve collaborative objectives in a variety of situations and cultural contexts.
  6. Reflection and lifelong learning. Explores and integrates knowledge gained across a variety of experiences to understand preconceptions and privileges, and how these shape perspective; applies knowledge to improve competence and transfers learning to new situations.