Marriages at Siena College

Marriages at Siena College

Your wedding ceremony is a sign of your love and lifelong commitment to each other. It is an expression of your faith in God and your faith in each other and is, therefore, one of the most significant events of your lives. The Chaplain’s Office is happy to assist you with your marriage preparations. To assure that these preparations progress smoothly, please read the following information.

What you need to know:


Permission for the weddings at Siena College may be granted only to the following:

  1. Alumni/Alumnae of Siena College
  2. Students currently matriculating for a degree at Siena College
  3. Faculty of Siena College and their children
  4. Current administrators of Siena College and their children
  5. Current staff of Siena College and their children
  6. Relatives of Franciscan friars

General Information

Only Roman Catholic religious ceremonies are permitted.

The St. Mary of the Angels Chapel seats approximately 225 people.

The time for your wedding depends on the availability of the Chapel and the priest or deacon who is officiating. Because we are a Chapel on an active college campus, weddings are normally scheduled on Friday evenings or during the day on Saturday.

- Friday at or after 5:00 P.M. with a Thursday Rehearsal after 6:00 PM
- Saturday at or after 11:00 A.M. until 6:00 P.M. with a Friday Rehearsal after 5:00 P.M.

The officiating priest or deacon conducts the rehearsal usually the evening before the wedding.

While the Chaplain’s Office wishes to accommodate the specific date that you desire to be married in our Chapel, we only permit one wedding per day and are bound by the College calendar.

When Siena College is closed for religious or federal holidays, services on campus are vastly reduced; therefore, no weddings may be scheduled when the College is officially closed, e.g. Thanksgiving break, Christmas break, Memorial Day holiday, the Independence Day holiday, and other secular or religious holidays. 

Other College events may also preclude scheduling weddings on other dates, these include Alumni Weekend, New Student Orientation, Family Weekends, final exam periods, as well as Commencement Weekend. Besides the Chapel being unavailable, campus parking is often at a premium during these times.

The Chapel must be reserved for your wedding a minimum of 6 months before your wedding date.

You are responsible to provide the Roman Catholic clergy to officiate at your wedding. You are welcome to ask a friar-priest from Siena College or another Roman Catholic priest or deacon to officiate at the ceremony.

When two Roman Catholics are getting married, it is strongly recommended that they plan for a Nuptial Mass. A marriage ceremony without Mass should be a rare exception when both the bride and groom are Catholic, but may be advisable if one of the parties is not Roman Catholic.

In the Diocese of Albany, couples preparing for the Sacrament of Marriage are required to attend Pre-Cana or Engaged Encounter sessions.


Procuring cantors, soloists, and musicians is the responsibility of the couple. Our Director of Liturgical Arts for the Office of the College Chaplain is given priority for playing at all weddings. You may bring your own musicians and singers to perform in your wedding with prior approval from the Director of Liturgical Arts.

The Director of Liturgical Arts must make final approval of your music program so that it meets the standards for Catholic liturgy.

Arrangements with the Director of Liturgical Arts are made separately by the couple.

An organ and a piano are available in the Chapel.


We understand the importance of preserving your wedding ceremony on film or video. You should inform your photographer(s) of the Sacramental nature of the ceremony. Photographers and video personnel must be discreet and respectful during the ceremony so a prayerful spirit prevails throughout the entire ceremony.

Photographs may be taken inside the Chapel immediately after the ceremony, unless there are other services scheduled to take place in the Chapel after the ceremony.

Photographs are permitted in the front area outside the Chapel after the ceremony, providing the area is cleared within the designated completion time of the reservation.  For all other exterior locations on campus, a written list of all anticipated photography locations on the grounds of Siena College should be compiled a week prior to the wedding to allow for necessary permission from Siena College.  You must receive prior permission from the College to photograph on the grounds of our campus.

Photographs are not permitted inside any of the buildings on campus.

You will be responsible for providing a copy of our Photography and Video Policy to your photographer(s) and or videographers and returning a signed copy a week prior to your ceremony to the Chaplain’s Office.  A copy of the Photography and Video policy is provided with the Wedding Policy.


There is a $475.00 fee for the use of Siena College’s St. Mary of the Angels Chapel.

This fee includes:
- Two-hour block on day of ceremony.
- One-hour block on preceding day for rehearsal.
- Assistance of a student worker or staff person at the Chapel during rehearsal and ceremony.

Please note that the fee is solely for the use of the Chapel and is not considered compensation for the presiding minister and/or musician(s).

Upon securing your reservation for your Marriage Ceremony at St. Mary of the Angels Chapel, a packet containing additional information as well as our complete Wedding Policy Agreement will be sent to you.

If you have any questions please contact the Chaplain’s Office Administrative Assistant at or at 518-783-2332.