How to register for SCDV-480 and SCDV-250

1. Read the Requirements/Considerations for doing an internship for credit page found on this site and make sure you meet all the qualifications for the course.

2. Complete the online application form and submit it. Login to the site with your Siena login and password. 

3. If everything checks out you will receive an email from the SOS Internship Coordinator letting you know that you have permission to register for the credits.  Go online and register for the course. Be sure to select 3 credits, the default is 1 credit.

4. If there are any problems, you will receive an email from the SOS Internship Coordinator letting you know what the problem is and what might be done to resolve it.

Tips on finding an internship:

1. Check Siena’s Career Saint regularly for new internship postings. If you have trouble using the system, please contact the Career Center and they will help you.

2. Many students intern for various New York State government offices

3. Talk to your professors and let them know you are looking for an internship. They may have contacts in industry that they could reach out to.

4. Talk to other Siena students that have done internships and find out if their internship site is looking for someone.

Dr. Sharon Small

School of Science Internship Coordinator