Policy Title Tailgating Policy
Type or category of Policy: College
Approval Authority: President's Cabinet
Responsible Executive:  John D’Argenio, Vice President/Director of Athletics
Responsible Office: Athletics
Owner Contact: John D’Argenio, Vice President/Director of Athletics x2450, dargenio@siena.edu
Reviewed By: President's Cabinet
Reviewed Date: July 11, 2017
Last Revised and Effective Date of Revision:  

*Brief Overview of the Policy               

Reason for Policy

This policy provides guidelines to community members and visitors informing them of the types of activities that are and are not permissible prior to and after athletic and club sports contests.  

Scope of the Policy: Entities or Individuals affected by this policy

  • All members of the Siena College community and visitors to campus.

The Official Policy

To ensure that the College is able to provide a safe, healthy and welcoming environment for all fans and athletes alcoholic beverages are prohibited at all on campus athletic and club sports venues, parking lots and the designated tailgate area.  This policy is consistent with the open container policy in the student code of conduct which prohibits students from possessing open containers of alcoholic beverages in common areas of the College and the College’s Facilities Guidelines which prohibits dispensing or consumption of alcoholic beverages in outdoor or public areas except under the direct supervision of AVI Fresh.

Venues and Tailgate Area

  1. The Athletic Department in conjunction with Facilities Management will designate space for tailgates at the different on campus athletics and club sports venues.
  2. The Athletics Department will communicate policy and coordinate use of the designated space for varsity athletic events. 
  3. Communication of policy and coordination of designated space for club sports events will be managed by Student Activities.
  4. Current students are not permitted to reserve the tailgate area.
  5. The tailgate area may be utilized by parents, alumni and others attending the event at designated pre-game and post-game times.
  6. Gas grills with small propane tanks are allowed. Charcoal grills are not.
  7. The tailgate organizer may work with the appropriate college office to reserve indoor space through Conference Services, if preferred. 
  8. Enforcement of policy of policy;
    1. 1st time; officer will ask the person to dispose of drink.
    2. 2nd time; officer will ask the person to dispose of drink, ask for identification, and may call the PS Lieutenant or Officer in Charge and have him/her talk with the violator as a “final warning.”
    3. 3rd time; the officer will call the Lieutenant or Officer in Charge and a report may be initiated. (If a report is initiated the college may call or write a letter to the person).
    4. NOTE:  college reserves the right to search people’s bag upon entering the event.
    5. *Students identified in possession of alcohol will be addressed through the Student Code of Conduct. 

* Exceptions   Alcohol may be served if under the direction of AVI Fresh, per the Colleges Facilities Guidelines.

* Resources:   Cost of outside security and overtime charges for additional housekeeping staff will budgeted with appropriate departments.

Adopted:    July 11, 2017