The Siena College Student Senate is a group of students committed to making Siena a better place. We seek to find the students' input on ways in which Siena College can improve.

Senate is charged with the oversight of clubs and the distribution of the student activities fees. While Senate does not directly control college academic or social policies, it continues to work with a group of cooperative administrators to shape them in ways that will benefit the community.

Both the Senate and the administration keep what is best for the students as their top priority. Please, if you have any concerns, thoughts or comments, direct them to us. We are your voice, your advocate; we are Siena College students who want to make Siena College a better place.

Senate Meetings are held every      Tuesday @ 4:15pm in SSU 241

Student Government Winter Elections

Election season is an exciting time for Siena College.

We invite all students to consider pursuing one of the leadership positions