The purpose of the Strategic Planning Steering Committee is to serve as a working group and to guide the development of the Siena College 2022-2027 Strategic Plan. The group's goal is to reflect on where the College has been and where we need to go to best serve our community of Saints in the future.


Leading the Way


These pillars helped us prioritize the College’s resources and goals, and ultimately develop the objectives and tactics that will help us achieve them. 

Meeting Information

Review the Committee's agendas and meeting minutes.


Dive into the resources that the Committee, Siena Board of Trustees, and Cabinet members have read and discussed during the last year.

Committee Members

Meet the Strategic Planning Committee members.

College Vision Statement

The Siena Vision Statement, including the 2021 updates, can be found here. 


In order to understand where we need to go in the future, it's necessary to know where we have been. Our current Strategic Plan, Tradition. Transformed., is an important piece of our puzzle.