Lizzie Hunter '11

Lizzie hunter

Director, American Cancer Society

Hometown: Saratoga Springs, NY

Studied while at Siena: Psychology 

Current InvolvementI partner with various non-profits in the community throughout the year, especially those in the cancer/health space.

Involvement while at Siena: Best Buddies

How do you involve yourself in your community?

Working for a non-profit, I am lucky to be working within our community every day.  My community involvement varies from working with corporate partners to engage them/their employees in the American Cancer Society’s work, connecting patients and families to resources they need or collaborating with other non-profits to support the needs of our community.

Describe a typical day in your life.

No day is “typical!”  There are days I am hosting a black-tie gala or a summer celebration with 600 community members, other days I am packing boxes, sending thank you cards, setting up a wig fitting appointment for a patient or meeting with new or veteran ACS volunteers.

How did your Siena education prepare you for the work you’re doing today?

At Siena I was surrounded by a community that is 2nd to none. Members of the Siena community not only talk about the importance of giving back but they lead by example in so many ways and because of that I learned quickly how impactful we all can be if we get involved in something that is bigger than ourselves.  

Describe your professional progression since leaving Siena.

Immediately following Siena, I received a Master’s Degree in School Counseling from Russell Sage. For a short time after that, I was a part time elementary school counselor in the Bethlehem School District. During that time, I started working part time at the American Cancer Society and immediately fell in love with it and was offered a full-time job at ACS supporting Corporate Partnerships across New York and New Jersey.  

Since starting at ACS 8 years ago I have had a few different roles from Account Support, Development Manager focused on event planning to today being the Director of the Capital Region American Cancer Society. 

Siena Favorites

Siena Professor:  Jo Beth Evan
Class: Foundations (now called First-Year Seminar)
Location: The lawn outside of townhouse 152. My roommates and I loved sitting outside our townhouse and grilling on sunny days! 
Study-break food: Quesadillas from the Wrap Shop or chicken wings from Dapps
Residence Hall: Can’t believe I’m saying this but Ryan Hall – many of the people I met in that building are still my best friends today. 
Class Year: I think I’d have to pick Junior year.  I felt like I was “established” at Siena but I also knew I still had senior year to look forward to.
Food: Chicken Nuggets!
Favorite memory: The basketball games – especially the team winning the MAAC tournament 3 times in a row and playing in the NCAA tournament. There was SO much Siena Spirit around those games!

Advice for current Saints:

Enjoy your time. It sounds cliché but it goes so fast and the minute you leave, I promise you will wish you appreciated it more. 

Career advice for current students:

Don’t stress about “what you want to be when you grow up”… always be open to learning about all opportunities that come your way, get involved in the community you live in and always, always stay connected to the Siena community in the professional world.