Keva Luke headshot professional

Keva Luke '14

Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellow, United States Department of State

Hometown: Albany, NY but currently in Washington, DC

Major: Spanish

Current Involvement: I am finishing up my last year as a graduate student at Georgetown’s Walsh School of Foreign Service. I am a graduate teaching assistant for Comparative Political Systems, an introductory course of 200+ students.

Involvement while at Siena: I was involved in numerous clubs and organizations on campus. I was a Resident Assistant, a Damietta Cross-Cultural Center Solidarity Advocate/Advisor, the Director of Volunteer Works for BLSU, a member of the Thea Bowman Center for Women, and I volunteered in numerous activities.

How do you involve yourself in your community? The pandemic has rearranged a lot of priorities and I haven’t been able to participate much at Georgetown. I do attend town halls and assist in any outreach to convey students’ needs and demands during these trying times.

Describe a typical day in your life.

A typical day in my life starts off with morning prayers and a quick breakfast. After getting ready for the day, I check my emails and create my to-do list. Since I am still in graduate school, I catch up with assignments and work on my capstone project, a yearlong research project that culminates my graduate experience. I attend Zoom meetings and prepare for my weekly discussion sections. I do take time to prepare meals and meal prep for the week as well as take very much needed breaks. I end my night with a snack and I catch up on news or a reality tv show to wind down. 

Keva Luke in Washington DC

How did your Siena education prepare you for the work you’re doing today?

My education at Siena has given me an interdisciplinary foundation to explore different careers. I have worked as a teacher, bilingual customer representative, and currently as a budding US Diplomat. I constantly reflect on Franciscan values, which have kept me grounded in various aspects of my life. 

Describe your professional progression since leaving Siena.

I have been traveling since graduation in 2014. I lived and worked in Spain as a North American Language and Cultural Assistant for a year. I then moved back to NY for where I worked as a Bilingual Customer Service Representative for Child Support Services. Shortly after, I moved to Buenos Aires Argentina, and was a Fulbright English Teaching Assistant in 2016. After that, I spent two years in Colombia as a Peace Corps Volunteer. Upon completion of my volunteer service, I embarked on my journey to become a US Foreign Service Officer by winning the 2019 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Fellowship. As part of my fellowship, I interned on the Hill in the House of Representatives and completed a virtual internship with the State Department. Currently, I am completing my Master's degree in Latin American Studies at Georgetown University before I officially swear in as a US diplomat in 2021.  


Siena Professor: Dr. Vera Eccarius-Kelly and Professor Carolyn Molloy-Madrid

Class: French Cinema

Location: Library by the windows overlooking the baseball field

Study-break food: Grilled chicken sandwiches from the Wrap Shop

Residence Hall: Plassmann Hall — equidistant to all the major locations on campus

Class Year: Junior and Senior year because I studied abroad for two semesters

Food: Curly Fries

Favorite memory: Senior Formal

Advice for current Saints regarding their time at Siena:

I’d advise students to take the classes that interest them the most, participate actively in clubs and organizations and form good bonds with advisors, faculty, and staff. Once a Saint, always a Saint. The connections you make on campus will serve you even when you leave Siena. 

Career advice for current students:

It’s okay to take unconventional and nontraditional routes in your career after graduation. Explore the world, travel, and learn about different cultures. It’s okay to take time off between undergrad and graduate school -- don’t rush. Visit the Career Education and Professional Development office to practice your interviewing skills and learn how to polish your resume.