In the event of extreme weather conditions altering normal operations of the College, information will be disseminated in the following ways:

Text/Email Alerts

A text and accompanying brief email will be sent from Public Safety to all College personnel and students.

Detailed Email

A more detailed message will be sent by Siena's Weather Alert email.


 A tweet will be sent out on the main Siena College Twitter handle.

School Closing Network

A note will be posted to the School Closing Network. TV stations will run the information at the bottom of the screen and radio stations will make the announcement as well. This information will also appear on the TV and radio stations' websites.

Siena Website

A blue weather alert banner will appear on both the home page of the Siena website.

Phone Hotline

A message will be recorded on the following phone line: 518-783-4299.

If nothing is posted to these various locations, the status of the College remains normal. Unless a severe storm is forecast and a class delay or cancellation appears imminent, no "warning" or "stand-by" message will be posted.

Students and faculty are expected to use good judgment and discretion, since road conditions and personal circumstances may vary. Faculty should not penalize students who present a valid excuse for missing classes on a snow day. However, if you are a commuter student and feel it is unsafe to travel to campus even though classes have not been delayed or cancelled, it is your responsibility to contact your professor to hand in assignments or obtain necessary notes.