Meet the Siena Experience Team that answers all your emails that come in to The entire team is made up of past Siena Saints who have experience in commuting, residential life, transferring in, study abroad opportunities, and SO much more! We are here to ensure that you have the best experience at Siena. 

Julia Headshot


Julia - Class of 2015

Associate Director of Communications & Public Affairs

"From professors, to staff and administrators, Resident Directors, and everyone in between — I always felt like I had a second family in my corner when I was a Saint. I formed connections that I will carry with me for the rest of time. You really are a Saint for life. I've been a Saint since I was born — my aunt and uncle were both professors at Siena so I always tell people I have been eating in the dining hall since I was a kid. I didn't always know I wanted to go to college close to home, but once I did I knew I was meant to be a Saint." — Julia


Zach Brimmer Headshot

ZACH - CLASS of 2020

Associate Director for Strategy, Communication, & Experience 

"My Siena Experience started off a little rocky. I went to class and went right back home. As soon as I started getting involved my whole experience changed. The first thing I got involved with was the Commuter Student Association. I was able to form a bond with fellow commuters and start to form friendships of whom I still keep in touch with. Once I became an orientation leader, I knew my calling in life was to work at a college and make sure every student that step foot on Siena's campus had the same awesome experience as I did. My advice to all students would be to get involved in something right away!" — Zach


Kiley - CLASS OF 2021

Assistant Director for Experience & Executive Assistant to the President

"I had an amazing Siena experience! I really went outside of my comfort zone and challenged myself as a student. Siena really shaped me into the person that I am meant to be, I am forever grateful for that. My time as a student was everything I could have imagined college would be and more. Siena is the best decision I ever made. I want to ensure that all students are having the best experience possible, I want to help however I can! That is what this team is designed to do." — Kiley


Emily Furlong Headshot



Assistant Director of Digital Marketing

"I made the best of friends at Siena! Get involved in things you are interested in and you'll find your people. The campus is so pretty and everything was so walkable! I loved that small campus feel and after seeing the townhouses I knew I wanted to live in one." — Emily





Nyla Green Headshot



Assistant Director of Enrollment Communications

"My experience at Siena was great and I was able to take advantage of the many cool opportunities that Siena has to offer including joining clubs, going on an immersion trip to Mexico and participating in an internship. It felt like home from the moment I first came to campus!" — Nyla