Siena Abroad provides students in all majors the opportunity to study abroad in 50+ countries around the world. Through semester, year-long, short-term, and post-graduate opportunities, students pursue international internships, do original research, engage in meaningful service learning, and form lasting bonds and friendships - all while gaining a greater understanding of themselves and the world, and developing a professional edge for their future.

Meet a few Saints who have spent time abroad this year:

Tiffany Indarjit ’19

Hyderabad, India
"India has been incredible! I have gotten the chance to find my roots and explore my own culture first hand! I could not be more grateful for this experience. Every day is memorable and I wish I was here for more than a semester. Studying abroad is truly a life changing experience! #blessed" 

Julianna Rauf '19

London, England
“What makes London so special is its unique character that preserves the old while making way for the new... I’m so thankful for my time here and extraordinarily grateful for Siena.”


Matt Eckler ’19

Havana, Cuba
“Studying in Havana has been an amazing experience...The best part, even more than enjoying a cigar with rumba music in the background, has been the relationships I’ve formed with my host family and other students from Cuba and countries all over the world. Cubans are some of the nicest people I’ve met. They welcome guests with open arms.”


Taylor Disco '20

Kathmandu, Nepal
"My program emphasizes the Tibetan refugee community within Nepal, and so I had the opportunity to spend two months living with a Tibetan refugee family. Living with my family has been one of the most special aspects of this journey. Over endless music sessions, cups of tea, cooking lessons, and laughs, my family truly took me in as their own, and I will forever be grateful for their kindness and willingness to share their culture and home with me." 


Mason Soeder ’20

Berlin, Germany
"Studying in such a large, international city like Berlin, with two massive airports minutes from my apartment, made it possible to travel to over 20 cities in just under four months. Also, I was part of an intensive language program and was really able to work hard on my German every day. What really makes studying abroad special, though, are the people. I was able to meet new friends all over the world, from Oktoberfest in Munich to the tops of mountains in Zurich. As they say in Germany, it's not goodbye, it's simply see you later."


Caitlin Lashbrooks ’20

Melbourne, Australia
“I still laugh thinking back to the day I arrived in Melbourne during the very worst of their winter. It was a balmy 50 degrees, but everyone was bundled up in jumpers (sweaters) and winter jackets – a quick reality check, I wasn't in Upstate New York anymore! I never grow tired of the newness each day brings in my surroundings and experiences. The Australians are warm and have welcomed me in as one of their own. They love that I am their American friend with the neat accent!”

Sonam Sherpa ’20

“My experience here at Singapore has been amazing so far. The people here are so friendly and the students are always eager to share their culture with me. They have taught me Singaporean jargon and introduced me to the local food. I am a big foodie and Singapore has an endless variety of dishes. For the locals here, food is a way to bring everyone together, and I am always looking forward to the next meal and sharing it with new friends.”


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