Provided the College’s Covid-19 Alert System level permits visitors (LEVEL GREEN), parents/guardians of residential students from New York and contiguous states are permitted to visit outdoor spaces and those indoor spaces not being utilized by Siena’s students, faculty and staff (lobby of SSU, Siena Hall lobby/unoccupied classroom, RB lobby.) No visitors may enter a residence hall/townhouse or dining facility. This includes parents/guardians unless their visit is for the express purpose of moving in or out and has been pre-arranged through the Office of Community Living.

Students may request authorized access for their parent/guardian by completing the Parent/Guardian Visit Request Form. Request forms must be submitted at least 72 hours in advance of the requested visit or by no later than midnight on Wednesday for the following weekend. Requests are reviewed/approved by the Student Life Compliance Officer. If approved, the parent and student will both receive confirmation emails with directions to complete the health screening prior to arrival. 

The Parent/Guardian Visit Request Form includes information to obtain a parking pass. If parking a vehicle on campus, all parents/ guardians are required to display their parking pass on their dashboard at all times while on campus. 

If the College’s Covid-19 Alert System level is other than GREEN, requests will be denied until such time as the Alert Level returns to GREEN.

Your parent/guardian will receive an email 48 hours before their expected arrival time with a link to the Visitor Health Screening Form.  They will receive a reminder again 24 hours before their expected arrival if they have not filled out the form.  It is your responsibility that they fill out the form before visiting campus, you will receive an email notification when they fill out the screening. 

On the day of the visit you will receive an email asking you to verify whether your parent/guardian visited campus.  The email will contain a link to a form where you will indicate whether the visit took place.