Dr. Konye is a musicologist, composer, violinist, and a conductor.

Degree Program University
Ph.D. Musicology University of Kentucky

Articles & Book Reviews

  • Black Symbolisms Embedded in Beethoven's Kreutzer Sonata Op. 47
    Music Research Institute, vol. 2
    Summer I, 2010
  • Conceptualizing African Pianism
    Music Research Institute
    Summer I, 2008
  • Nigerian Art Music
    Music Research Institute
    Winter, 2008
  • The Intellectualization of the Creative Process: Crime of the 20th Century
    International Journal of the Arts & Sciences
    Fall, 2011

Books & Book Chapters

  • Six African Miniature Songs Without Words
    SMPH Press
  • Anthology of African Piano Music
    SMPH Press
  • African Art Music: Political, Social, and Cultural factors behind its Development
    Edwin Mellen Press


  • Aesthetics, Cultural Context, and Cognition in Music and Dance
    October, 2012
    McMaster University Institute for Music and the Mind NeuroMusic Conference, Ontario Canada, Canada-Ontario
  • The Intelectualization of the Creative Process: Crime of the 20th Century
    November, 2010
    International Conference of the Arts and Sciences, Rome, Italy, Italy
  • Words and Identity in African Art Music
    June, 2009
    University of Nottingham Ethomusicology Conference, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
  • African Art music: Origin and Definition
    September, 2008
    Georgia State University Public Lecture, Atlanta, GA, United States of America
  • Genre and Style in African Art Music
    September, 2008
    College Music Society Annual Conference, Atlanta, GA, United States of America
  • Religious, Political, & Nationalistic Sentiments and the Emergence of Modern African Art Music in the 19th Century
    October, 2003
    International Conference on Romanticism and Nationalism, Corfu, Greece, Greece