The Siena College Institute for Artificial Intelligence

Research in the field of Artificial Intelligence consistently calls for a team effort among a wide variety of disciplines. For example, a project analyzing open source materials on the web to predict societal events of interest would require computer scientists, but also experts in the field relative to the social events: economics, sociology, disease, environmental, political science, etc. The Siena College Institute for Artificial Intelligence (SCIAI) will foster interdisciplinary relationships among faculty in order to foster research in a broad range of Artificial Intelligence activities.

Additionally, SCIAI aims to promote educational activities at Siena College and also to build an external network for increasing public understanding of AI. One of our goals is to disseminate best practices for improving the teaching and training of AI practitioners and to increase awareness of ethical issues and societal impacts in the use of AI technology.  As part of our outreach, we provide guidance for government and businesses on the practical application of current AI technologies and the potential for future developments.

Contact Information

Sharon Small