Nonprofit Excellence and Transformation (NExT) cultivates interdisciplinary student-led teams to engage in extensive capacity building research and consulting with local community organizations.

We accomplish this mission through a threefold approach of

  • Faculty-led Classes
  • Student-led Internships
  • Collaborative Summer Research Projects



Here's what you will gain:

  • Gain real world skills and experience from helping improve a local non-profit organization and the capital region community.
  • Engage with Organizations in a consultant role, diving deep into the operations and finding ways to help improve their capacity to help others.
  • Every Major or Minor is Welcome! Every student will find a suitable NExT Internship Project for them. We focus on policy research, program analysis, marketing and communications, and data analysis.
  • Tangible Outputs to Highlight on Your Resume and in Interviews!  Each NExT Internship Project concludes with a project deliverable to the partner, but that doesn't mean the work stops. The work YOU start will continue for the nonprofit in many forms including, some projects turning into a SPIn project where your recommendations are followed through over the summer while others morph into a community engaged class, and finally some become a Bonner or VISTA project. 

NExT Fellows receive 0-3 credits for participating and are expected to complete 120 hours, usually 8-10 hours a week including a once a week, two hour class. 


Current Projects
South End Market The South End Night Market is a collaboration between local entrepreneurs and area nonprofits who come together for a night of community activity and sharing. The project has evolved over many stages but the NExT team has been there every step along the way.
Jewish Federation of Northeastern NY's NextDor Initiative The NExT Team on this project have given valuable outside perspectives on their mission and messaging. The NExT Team is currently completing a marketing strategy to reach out to a younger generation of donors. 
Wildwood The NExT Team on this project has conducted many assessments of the matching protocols in order to improve the efficiency and success of the Community Habilitation Program.
Recent Projects
Fall 2019
Universal Suffrage | The Center for Law and Justice
  Strategic Marketing Plan to Increase Donor Revenue | The Food Pantries for the Capital District
  Food Economies and Wealth Building in the South End | AVillage
  Evaluation and Assessment of Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities | Wildwood Programs