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Contact Admissions

The Admissions team is here to help you decide if Siena is a good fit. Everyone understands how important it is for you to find the right college. Got a question? Want to visit? Unsure about the process? You can ask us anything. Getting in touch with a counselor is as simple as clicking on their name.

General Contact Info:
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     Jim Eaton
     Colin O'Reilly
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      Colin O'Reilly
Columbia and Greene County
     Jim Eaton
     Colin O'Reilly
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     Marie Nocella
Long Island
     Anthony Pelliccia
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     Dale Taylor
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    Charlieann Chacon
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    Charlieann Chacon
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    Sean McDonald
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    Sean McDonald
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     Lindsay King
Maryland, Virginia and Washington D.C.
    Charlieann Chacon
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    Charlieann Chacon
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    Marie Nocella
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    Colin O'Reilly
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    Marie Nocella
    Kelly Speed
    Lindsay King

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    Lindsay King
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Anthony Pelliccia


Director of Admissions

Katie Szalda '01

Phone: (518) 782-6767

Advising since 2003

Degrees: B.S. Marketing, Siena College / MBA, Sage Graduate College
Great expectations: At Siena, you are pushed to grow beyond your greatest expectations. The focus here is on students, all of whom are big fish in a little pond. From classes to research to extra-curricular activities, there is so much to offer.
Capital gains: When you visit campus, do not miss the opportunity to check out downtown Albany! Explore the capital buildings on the plaza. Walk through Center Square and see the brownstones. Grab a cup of coffee from the Daily Grind on Lark St. and then stroll through Washington Park while you enjoy it. Albany has so much to offer – it is a great college town!
Must have in the dining hall: Gelato!
Siena love: When I’m not at work, I love spending time with my husband, Dave – he’s a Siena graduate, too! A couple of Saints, we like to think that we’re a match made in heaven. Our daughter Grace will join Siena in the class of 2037! :)

Charlieann Chacon '10 - Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Florida and Colorado

Phone: (518) 786-5024

Advising since 2011

Degree: B.S. Sociology, Siena College
More than a college: At Siena, you will be part of a family who cares about you, providing endless opportunities to explore, grow and succeed. As a first generation college graduate from Arizona, I can attest that your classmates and professors make Siena a home away from home.
Work it out: As a former member of the women’s basketball team, I spent most of my time in the gym. It’s a great place to workout, play with friends or cheer on our sports teams. Everyone needs a release and the gym is a great place to rejuvenate!
But not together: My favorite food in the dining hall? Omelets and pizza!
My favorite things: I have the cutest pets ever! I also love breakfast food, especially from Cracker Barrel.

Jim Eaton - Albany/Capital Region and Northern New York

Phone: (518) 782-6561

Advising since 1999, but I have taken the scenic route holding positions in the marketing, communications and public relations office before returning to admissions.

Degrees: B.A. Public Communications, The College of St. Rose / M.S. Guidance and Counseling, Sage Graduate School
Welcome home: As Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz  said "There is no place like home," and the Siena community makes campus feel like a home away from home. It's the reason I've spent most of my career here.
Saints pride: Check out a men's basketball game at the Times Union Center. Go Saints!
Siena fresh: I love the home baked potato chips from Lonnstrom Dining Hall (hint: you'll find them next to the deli)!
On the go: I enjoy training for and running marathons, as well as spending time with my three daughters and wife. I'm also the co-owner of Fort Orange Brewing in Albany, NY.

If you would like to arrange a special visit for a group of students, please complete this form and we will contact you shortly.

Lindsay King - International and New Jersey

Phone: (518) 783-2409

Advising since 2014

Degree: B.A. Global & International Studies/Communication & Social Interaction, SUNY Oswego
Forever a Saint: The support that Siena College has from alumni and the community is so unique. Siena alumni truly adore their alma mater and are eager and willing to take on current Siena students as interns and as employees. It's an amazing environment to be in!
Order in the court: The Girvin & Ferlazzo Moot Courtroom, in Siena Hall, is a must see whether you're interested in a career in a legal profession or not. Where else can you take a class in a courtroom?
Sweet tooth: I love the variety of food that Siena offers however, I have to say my downfall is the sweets area! It's tough for me to leave the dining hall without grabbing a cup of tea and a sweet treat of some sort!
That's the ticket: I'll buy a ticket for an event over purchasing a material item anyday. Whether it's a concert, game, or a musical, I really enjoy making memories with the people I love. Spinning in my new obsession! The Revolution is right down the road from Siena. They have an great group of energetic instructors with awesome music!

Sean McDonald '15 - Maine, Massachusetts and New Hampshire

Phone: (518) 783-2481

Advising since 2015

Degree: B.A. Political Science, Siena College
Making connections: One of my favorite things about Siena is the strong relationships that you are able to build with your professors and other school administrators. Some of my closest friends are administrators that I worked with on campus when I was a student.
Reflection and relaxation: The Grotto is a must see for anyone who is visiting Siena! It's such a peaceful getaway right here on campus. I love going to the Grotto to light a candle and reflect on whatever is happening in my life at the time.
Rise and shine: The omelets at the Lonnstrom Dining Hall are by far the best food on campus. There is a reason that there's always a long line in the morning! But, they are well worth the wait!
On the run: I love all types of exercise: running, going to the gym, swimming, etc. Fitness is an important part of my life and it keeps me sharp. I also enjoy spending time with my friends; we could be doing anything in the world and still manage to have a great time!

Marie Nocella - Multicultural Coordinator, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands and the Hudson Valley, NY

Phone: (518) 782-6937

Advising since 2003

Degree: B.A. Political Science and Spanish Language, Literature and Culture, Syracuse University
Beyond academics: Fit is so important in a college choice! Siena is a great place for a student looking for a small community environment centered around service.
Picture yourself here: When visiting, make sure you see what’s important to you, be it the academic buildings, facilities, or observing student life. Hopefully, you’ll picture yourself on campus!
A few of my favorite things: Watching baseball and college basketball, going to the theater, museums and cultural events, reading a good book and traveling.

Colin O’Reilly '12 - Western NY, and Albany/Capital Region

Phone: (518) 783-4217

Advising since 2012

Degree: B.A. English with a minor in Broadcast and Society, Siena College, M.S. Organization Management, Sage Graduate School
Working experience: If you want to go to a school that will help you get the experience you need to get a job before or shortly after graduation then Siena College is the place for you.
Nationally ranked: Every morning before work, I pre-record my show on WVCR 88.3 The Saint, the #13 college radio station in the nation. What makes it so good? Check out C.C. O’Reilly, Monday – Friday from 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. (Shameless plug!)
Summer or winter: Visiting during the summer? There is no better place to be than Saratoga. Winter? Pick a direction and then hit one of many amazing ski, snowboarding or tubing slopes.
All the fixings: Hands down, breakfast is the best meal on campus. Mmmm, omelets. Such variety. Such deliciousness.

Anthony Pelliccia '17 - Long Island

Phone: (518) 783-2538

Advising since 2017

Degree: B.A. Psychology, Siena College
We’re in this together: What really makes Siena such a special place is the camaraderie that is developed between classmates. The friends and family you gain from attending Siena College are the ones you will absolutely have for a lifetime.
Dog Pound Pride: The Times Union Center for one of our Siena Saints basketball games is unlike anything else. There are not many things that I can think of that are better than being at the TU to support our team! The environment is electric and really brings the community together. Let's Go Saints!
Keep it simple: Without a doubt the pizza and French fries are my favorite campus foods. I could eat these two for every meal every day of the week and never get tired of them. They seem simple, but sometimes simplicity is best!
All in the family: Outside the office my life is devoted to family, friends, sports and music. Most of the time you'll find me with two or more of those simultaneously. Being so close to Albany provides so many opportunities to watch a game or even catch a concert with some good friends!

Jen Sloan '98 - Transfer Advisor

Phone: (518) 782-6594

Advising since 2001

Degree: B.A. Psychology, Siena College
Why Siena? Siena helps you become a more confident individual. When you leave here, you are ready to tackle the world. And you can officially call yourself a “Saint” for the rest of your life.
Visit “must”: I always recommend attending a sporting event when visiting so that you can immerse yourself in Siena’s school spirit.
Dining hall delights: Veggie burgers, hummus, chocolate milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch marshmallow treats!
Outside the office: Here are my loves ... Siena and Syracuse basketball, the Yankees, exercise and spending time with my two energetic kids.

Kelly Speed - Connecticut and Vermont

Phone: (518) 782-6984

Advising since 2017

Degrees: B.A. Communication and Media: Media, SUNY New Paltz
A Step Ahead: The Center for Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (CURCA) gives students, no matter their major, the opportunity to participate in research. This allows Siena students to develop their leadership skills and to be prepared to take on graduate work at top-tier universities.
Cozy by the Fire: If you haven't already, come visit Siena! While you are here make sure to check out our fire pit. A great place to gather with friends and to make new ones!
Crazy for Coffee: Casey's in the Sarazen Student Union serves Starbucks. I need my Starbucks!
All About the Adirondacks: I love to spend time in the Adirondacks during all four seasons. I love camping, hiking, snowboarding and ice fishing.

Dale Taylor '02 - New York City and Westchester

Phone: (518) 782-6772

Advising since 2005

Degrees: B.S. Marketing, Siena / M.S. Organizational Management, Sage Colleges
Attend Siena: Come to Siena for the people and the strong sense of community.
Visit, visit, visit: Being on campus is the best way to see how special Siena really is!
Good eats: You have to try out the dining hall during your visit. From pizza to gyros, it has a little bit of everything. And it’s all you can eat!
Get involved: I am the admissions liaison for Siena's Bonner Service Leaders Program. So, if you really want to be involved in community at Siena, please contact me!