Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Do you want to be part of the solution? As an environmental studies and sciences major at Siena College, you’ll become a problem solver. Siena’s curriculum gives you the tools to understand Earth's natural and social systems and to respond to environmental issues.

In a time of climate instability, environmental impacts and challenges are many. As an environmental studies or environmental science major at Siena, you'll be prepared for careers in ecological restoration; pollution abatement; sustainability coordination; renewable energy systems; and environmental education, policy or law, to name just a few.

Environmental Studies and Sciences News

  • Environmental Science Professor on Tour

    Daniel Bogan, Ph.D., assistant professor of environmental studies and sciences, will be traveling around the state giving a variety of talks on the status of the Eastern coyote and other urban wildlife species. Read More

  • Runoff Rain Garden

    Members of the Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences teamed up with Siena’s Facilities Department on a homerun project for the College community. Read More

  • Spark Tank Puts Student Ideas to the Test

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Department Chair

Jean Mangun

Jean C. Mangun

Professor of Environmental Studies and Sciences

248/252 Roger Bacon

(518) 782‑6955

Saint Spotlight

Matt Porter

Class of 2015

Environmental Science Major

Voorheesville, N.Y.

"Don’t be afraid to build personal relationships with your professors and inquire about their research areas," says Matt. "Getting involved in research helped me figure out what I want to do after Siena."