How do you describe your ideal college? Does it have dynamic student/faculty relationships? Maybe it boasts an active alumni network and offers a strong track record of success. Or perhaps it cultivates an environment where respect, inclusivity and community are as important as ability. You’re describing the education of a lifetime. You’ve found it. Welcome to Siena College.

Admissions News

  • One thing your parents will definitely want to know about

    Fast forward to the time in your life when you have kids of your own, and imagine that you’re about to send them off to college. What’s the first thing you’ll want to know? Read More

  • How to prepare for the SAT

    October is right around the corner, which for high school students means one thing: the SATs are fast approaching. Read More

  • Cross-Cultural Center and Interfaith Prayer Room Open

    Siena College opened the new Damietta Cross-Cultural Center and Interfaith Prayer Room in the Sarazen Student Union, which was renovated extensively over the summer. Read More