Student Profile:
Travis Brodbeck ‘17

Did you attend a Career Center program or event that assisted you in your career preparation?

I attended a counselor appointment, an Information Session/Information Table, and the Career Fair.

How were you first exposed to the Career Center's services?

I learned about the Career Center through my Resident Assistant, my orientation leader, First Year Seminar, and Delta Sigma Pi.

Please sum up in a brief sentence or two your thoughts about the Siena College Career Center.

The Career Center’s workshops truly help fine tune the skills that every business professional should know. I am always teaching my friends the small tricks I learned at the Career Center. The Center also provided plenty of resources on resumes, cover letters, interview skills, and job listings. Regardless of what year you are, there is something that you can learn that will make you a step ahead in the workplace.

Travis Brodbeck ‘17

Travis Brodbeck

Class of 2017

Accounting and Economics Major

Hopewell Junction, N.Y.