Student Profile:
Susana Garcia ‘17

Why did you choose Siena College?

I knew I wanted to go to a small school where I would be able to really get involved and have a chance to impact the community. When I did my overnight stay I got to experience the environment and community feel first hand.

Why English?

Growing up in a Spanish speaking home, I understood from an early age how much a good grasp on English could impact your future. As a kid I had always loved reading, but my junior and senior years of high school really opened my eyes to English as a language. I knew that an English major would cater to my different interests by giving me the flexibility to explore study paths in all those fields.

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

My most meaningful experience at Siena has been becoming a part of Her Campus Siena, whose chapter just launched this year! Her Campus is an online magazine-type network featuring articles about college life through the “collegiate” perspective. It has been really exciting bringing a new writing platform to Siena, especially because blog style writing has become so popular.

What's the best book you've recently read?

The best book I’ve read recently is definitely Colum McCann’s “Let the Great World Spin”. I read it for Dr. Wilhite’s The City and American Literature class, easily my favorite course I have taken at Siena so far. The book takes the reader through intertwining fictional stories of New York City residents and how they all connect back to Philippe Petite’s famous tightrope walk between the Twin Towers.

What are your plans for the future?

Next semester I’ll be abroad in Siena, Italy where I hope to finish my Italian minor! After Siena, I plan on taking a gap year or two to teach English abroad in Italy or Spain. After that I would like to work in PR or journalistic writing, or for a media site like Buzzfeed. My ultimate goal is to become an editor for a major newspaper or publishing house, like Penguin Books.

Susana Garcia ‘17

Susana Garcia

Class of 2017

English Major

Port Chester, N.Y.