Student Profile:
Heather Doran ‘17

Why did you choose Siena?

I chose Siena because of how naturally beautiful the campus is. Being around the tall trees and green grass is calming, comforting and reminds me of home. I can’t imagine living somewhere without some green.

Why did you chose to major in Creative Arts?

I’m a Creative Arts major because I wanted to become a better artist. Creative Arts classes at Siena improve the artistic process along with technique and style. (Heather is also a Psychology major!)

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

The most meaningful experience I’ve had at Siena was participating in the annual Juried Art Show my sophomore year. I received third place and my work was on display in Foy Hall. I felt accomplished as an artist and was proud to have something I made on display.

What has been your favorite class so far at Siena and why?

My favorite class has been the Proseminar in Creative Arts class. This class encouraged me to experiment with different methods of creating, unusual materials, and taught me how to critique and communicate with other artists.

Heather Doran ‘17

Heather Doran

Class of 2017

Creative Arts Major

Montgomery, NY