Student Profile:
Stephanie Martinez ‘16

Why did you choose Siena College?

I chose to attend Siena 4 years ago because of the campus and how friendly everyone was. When I went for my interview for the HEOP/AOP program in the beginning of February 2012, I knew Siena was the place for me. At first I wasn’t sure about college but Siena changed my mind.

Why did you decide to study Spanish?

I was a Spanish major with double minor in writing and communication and multicultural studies while at Siena. I chose to study Spanish, even though I knew the language from being a native speaker, because I wanted to master the language so I could be open to better job opportunities. I have always had a passion for writing, so that was the perfect choice for me to select as a minor.

What has been your most meaningful experience since graduation?

After I graduated from Siena, I was a peer counselor for the HEOP/AOP summer program where I met 18 incoming freshmen that were beginning their time at Siena. On the last day of the program I got an email for an interview with my current job at ScribeAmerica. That was the best way to end my experience at Siena!

How did a Siena connection lead you to your current job as a Medical Scribe?

During my last semester at Siena I took SPAN 25O “Medical Spanish” with Professor Marcela T. Garces, Ph.D. Taking this course and forming a connection with Professor Garces helped me to find my current job and accept a position working with a Spanish-speaking doctor in an OB/GYN office where I can practice both my english and spanish when scribing.

Stephanie Martinez ‘16

Stephanie Martinez

Class of 2016

Spanish Major

Hudson, NY