Student Profile:
Rebecca Curley ‘15- Alum Profile

Did you attend a Career Center program or event that assisted you in your career preparation?

I scheduled a counselor appointment, attended a Mock Interview, participated in the Career, Internship and Graduate Fair, and took part in the Dress for Success Fashion Show.

What is your desired career path? How did the Career Center help you in discovering or assisting you in this path?

I was still uncertain about what path of marketing I wanted to pursue for my career. However, when meeting with a counselor at the Career Center, she encouraged me to keep all of my options open when searching for a post-grad job. I don’t think that I would have even considered my current job because I was so stuck on working in communications and PR. By broadening the scope of the different marketing sectors that I was willing to work in, I found the perfect post-grad position.

What is one piece of advice that you received from the Career Center that you believe all students should know?

The Career Center emphasized the importance of having a professional and informative LinkedIn profile. I followed their advice and was contacted via LinkedIn by a corporate recruiter for a full-time post-grad position in my field of study, which I received and accepted an offer from. I don’t think I would not have had this opportunity if I didn’t follow the Career Center’s advice.

Rebecca Curley ‘15- Alum Profile

Rebecca Curley

Class of 2015

Marketing Major

Saugerties, NY