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Nichole Moocz ‘14- Alum Profile

Why did you choose Siena College?

​After attending the Presidential Scholars weekend, I knew that Siena would become a second home. Siena students always joke about holding doors open for one another, but I think it’s a great symbol of the community and opportunities. The students, professors, and faculty members are very welcoming and approachable. Since Siena is a fairly small campus, there are always ways to get involved and stand out.

Why Sociology?

​I declared Sociology because the content learned from textbooks can be related to everyday life. Sociology pushes you out of your comfort zone to address social issues and analyze the systems working behind inequality.

What was your most meaningful experience at Siena?

​I was a part of a group of about ten students who worked to plan Siena’s first Sociological Symposium. This experience taught me about event planning, public relations, and budget proposals. I even had the opportunity to present on this experience with a fellow student at an ASA Conference in Buffalo. Most importantly, I feel as though the project helped build a strong relationship among the students and faculty.

What was your favorite sociology course, and why?

​My Urban Development class was comprised of six students and we met for three hours once a week. I really enjoyed this class because we used our research to propose possible operational models for the development of an educational/community center in Albany. We were able to meet with various community stakeholders and sit in on city meetings.

What is your current job and how did your education at Siena prepare you for it?

​I’m currently working as a paralegal for a multi service law office. Siena prepared me to write formally and focus on details. Class presentations and my thesis defense gave me confidence to defend my beliefs.

Nichole Moocz ‘14- Alum Profile

Nichole Moocz

Class of 2014

Sociology Major

Cornwall, N.Y.