Student Profile:
Meghan Buckley ‘16

Lucky #7

Was considering a number of colleges, but a visit to Siena was all it took to know she found the right school. She visited campus six more times before accepting. “Every time I came to campus I found something else to love about Siena.”

Bittersweet admission:

Excited at her acceptance, she was heartbroken to learn the financial aid might not be enough. Immediately she began to research scholarships and started working with the Financial Aid office.

Prom night:

Was decorating for prom when she found out her new aid package would make it possible to attend. “I just started crying. I knew I was meant to go to Siena. I was so happy.”

Good advice:

“Don’t give up. Siena will do everything they can to help you attend. Go after what you want.”

Meghan Buckley ‘16

Meghan Buckley

Class of 2016

Undecided Major

Saratoga, N.Y.