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Matt Restivo ‘07- Alum Profile

Why did you choose Siena College?

​I chose Siena because of the community and because of the presidential scholarship I received. Go visit a handful of schools, and I guarantee you won’t find another campus that’s as friendly as Siena—even something as simple as everyone holding the door for each other—it just felt right. It also meant a lot to me that Siena believed in my academic potential and was willing to contribute to my education.

Why Computer Science?

​Truthfully, I came to Siena wanting to become a Math teacher. Part of the Math curriculum was to take one year of computer science and I just fell in love with the idea of my final projects being actual code instead of lengthy papers.

What was your most meaningful experience at Siena?

​Unquestionably it was studying abroad in Argentina. I was lucky enough to transfer in some college level credits from St. John’s at the high school level. That allowed me to take a full semester and live with a host family down in Buenos Aires. It was probably the most challenging and humbling thing I have ever experienced.

What was your favorite computer science course, and why?

​I’ll keep this short and sweet… Discrete Mathematics. Why? Professor Jim Matthews.

What is your current job?

​I currently work at the National Hockey League as the Director of Product Development; I’m in charge of overseeing development of our flagship app, our 22 of the 30 club apps, and our websites.

Matt Restivo ‘07- Alum Profile

Matt Restivo

Class of 2007

Computer Science Major

Commack, N.Y.