Student Profile:
Kristina Fletcher ‘17

Why did you choose Siena College?

I initially visited Siena because, at the time, my sister was attending school here and my aunt, uncle, and mom are all alumni of the college. While visiting the campus I fell in love with the environment that the school had, from the small campus, the accredited business program, and of course the fact that everyone held the door open for one another. So, based upon all of those factors I knew that Siena was the right fit for me!

Why management?

I started my freshman year as an undeclared business student. After taking some core business classes, and enjoying my management classes, I decided that management was going to be my major! It was not an easy decision, but I am extremely happy with my choice to this day and continue to enjoy all of the management classes that Siena has to offer!

How do you manage your academic life with your duties as an Resident Assistant (RA)?

I have been able to balance my academic life and RA duties through time management skills and the support I have from the Office of Community Living, friends, and family. Throughout my two years as an RA I have worked with some amazing people who are always there as support and through their help I have also been able to improve upon my time management skills and be the best resource for my residents, peers, and the overall Siena community.

What are your future plans?

When I graduate in May of 2017, I will be pursuing my master’s degree and also hope to be working towards a career in Human Resources Management. Until then, I am excited to continue my job as a Resident Assistant and am looking forward to starting my new path as a Mentor Resident Assistant for the upcoming year!

Kristina Fletcher ‘17

Kristina Fletcher

Class of 2017

Management Major

Amsterdam, NY