Student Profile:
Kristen Nersesian ‘14- Alum Profile

Why Siena?

​“I chose Siena because it was a small school with small classes which I felt would be very beneficial. What won me over though was the beautiful campus. When I first saw Siena I instantly knew this was my school and I could picture myself on this campus for the next four years.”

Why Mathematics?

“When I arrived at Siena I had not yet chosen a major. I decided to take a class in every field, so I took classes in biology, precalculus, psychology, sociology, and english. I really enjoyed my precalculus class and I found myself helping numerous students. That’s when I realized I wanted to major in mathematics. Not only did I enjoy the mathematics, but also helping other students and seeing their improvement. It wasn’t long before I realized Math Education was where I was destined to be.”

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

“My most meaningful experiences at Siena are the ones I spent completing my field experiences. This is because whether I was tutoring, mentoring, or just answering a student’s question, the feeling I got when I helped a student is very gratifying. Being able to help others and hearing them say that they now understand something they didn’t before is so rewarding because it feels like I really made a difference.”

What are your plans for the future?

​“After earning my bachelors degree in mathematics, I will go on to complete a masters degree, so that I can teach high school mathematics.”

Kristen Nersesian ‘14- Alum Profile

Kristen Nersesian

Class of 2014

Mathematics Major

Seaford, N.Y.