Student Profile:
Koushik Pernati ‘17

Why did you choose Siena College?

What stood out to me was the student to professor class ratio. Since the class size is not too large, I feel as though the professors know who I am and I can easily communicate with them. I also feel like I can retain more knowledge in class because it is easier to ask questions.

When did your entrepreneurial aspirations begin?

My aspirations began when I realized that I wanted to work for myself. I had many ideas about making an application that could strengthen communication between groups of people and I wanted to create a product that could help bring them together.

How were you introduced to The David '73 and Christine Spice '75 Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship?

I was first introduced to the Stack Center when I approached one of my professors about an idea that I had. My professor told me that the Stack Center would be the perfect place to develop my ideas.

What has been your most meaningful moment in the Stack Center?

The most meaningful moment in the Stack Center was finishing and submitting my application for an E-Team grant to create the product. I’ve been able to form a group with people that I trust and feel free to express my ideas to.

What are your plans for the future?

My plan is to continue developing the product my team is working on and create a business. I would like to extend the business to help bring students, professors, and people alike together.

Koushik Pernati ‘17

Koushik Pernati

Class of 2017


Menands, N.Y.