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Kathleen Rotondo ‘15- Alum Profile

Why did you choose Siena College?

I saw the school when my older brother was looking at colleges. I was only a freshman in high school at the time but I knew that Siena was the school for me. Every place after it would have to measure up. In the end, I only applied to six colleges but ultimately stopped paying attention after I got my Siena acceptance letter.

Why Computer Science?

I was originally a math education major, which requires computer science classes. I took Introduction to Computer Science with Dr. Vandenberg, who taught the course in such a way that I fell in love with the material and switched majors by the end of the semester.

What was your most meaningful experience at Siena?

I had a few important relationships with professors that really shaped my Siena experience. Specific to the Computer Science Department, I had a great relationship with Dr. Briemer. When I switched majors, he became my temporary advisor, and he really helped set me up for a successful academic career at Siena.

What was your favorite Computer Science course, and why?

I’d have to say Database Management Systems with Dr. Vandenberg. It was an area of computer science I was told I should explore but not necessarily look forward to. But it ended up being a really enjoyable class. Dr. Vandenberg is great at explaining everything so clearly!

What is your current job and how did your education at Siena prepare you for it?

I am currently working in software engineering for IBM in Austin, TX. My Siena education prepared me for this because the senior computer science capstone course was focused on software engineering. The first three years of schooling prepare you for this specific course because ultimately it is what a lot of computer science students will pursue after graduation. It incorporated knowledge from everything we’d done during our time at Siena. Having completed the course, I feel like I am ready to do it professionally.

Kathleen Rotondo ‘15- Alum Profile

Kathleen Rotondo

Class of 2015

Computer Science Major

Farmingdale, N.Y.