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Jed Turnbull ‘10- Alum Profile

Why did you choose Siena College?

​I chose Siena for a few different reasons. Ultimately it came down to my desire to run Cross-Country, and the financial aid package I was receiving. I was also a fan of the campus. It seemed to be the right fit for me.

Why Computer Science?

​I had no idea what I wanted to do when I cam to Siena as a freshman. My Mom said I should start out as a Math major (since Math was my best subject in High School) and figure it out from there. This ended up being pretty good advice, because my freshman year I took an introductory Computer Science class and realized pretty early on this might be the right path for me to pursue. During my sophomore year, I added CS as my 2nd major.

What was your most meaningful experience at Siena?

​There were a few professors who really pushed me to be more engaged and set the bar higher for myself. Some professors that had the biggest impact on me were Dr. Flatland, Dr. John O’Neill, Dr. Lim, Mr. Matthews, Dr. Lederman, Dr. Bannon, and Dr. Hurley. They all had their unique way of motivating their students, and I know I made the right decision attending Siena because of them.

What was your favorite Computer Science course, and why?

​My favorite course was either Object-Oriented Programming with Dr. Lim or Graphics with Dr. Flatland. I really enjoyed the projects we got to work on in those classes, particular in Graphics, because I was able to apply what I had learned in Linear Algebra. I think it was in these two classes that I realized how rewarding it was to create something using code.

What is your current job and how did you education at Siena prepare you for it?

​I am currently employed at ESPN, working in the Remote Events technology department. We are responsible for developing applications to drive real-time graphics and states for TV production. My education at Siena prepared me in a number of ways for this job. Mainly, it provided a foundation of knowledge that allowed me to approach projects assigned to me with confidence when I was first hired, despite not necessarily knowing what I was doing yet. I had the confidence to know I could figure it out as I went. My experience at Siena was a big source of confidence.

Jed Turnbull ‘10- Alum Profile

Jed Turnbull

Class of 2010

Computer Science Major

Campbell Hall, N.Y.