Student Profile:
Francesca Romano ‘14- Alum Profile

Why Siena?

​“I choose Siena because I was looking for a school close to home where I could establish strong student-professor relationships instead of being thought of as another number in a lecture hall. I decided that Siena was the best college in the Capital District that could provide this experience to me. Every professor on the campus is approachable and many of them have become mentors and role models for me.”

Why Mathematics?

​“I decided to be a math major because math has been my favorite subject since middle school, and it was always a subject that came easy to me. The math department at Siena has further developed my passion for math by challenging me and constantly encouraging me to do my best work. I originally enrolled in Siena as a Math Education major even though I knew that teaching wasn’t for me, and the professors here have been more than helpful in introducing me to research opportunities and other career paths for students with math degrees that don’t require the patience of teaching middle school or high school students.”

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

​“My most meaningful experience at Siena so far is my experience doing summer math research with Dr. Bannon. We spent six weeks over the summer trying to extend the research of one of Dr. Bannon’s colleagues, I was able to successfully prove five theorems that were previously not know in the math community. It was an eye-opening experience as to how much math has yet to be discovered, and it gave me the opportunity to develop new problem-solving skills that are applicable to any type of situation. Doing more math research is what I look forward to most in the future.”

What are your plans for the future?

​“I plan to complete a Ph.D. program in mathematics and become a college professor so that I can encourage and spread my love and passion for math just as the professors at Siena have done for me.”

Francesca Romano ‘14- Alum Profile

Francesca Romano

Class of 2014

Mathematics Major

Schenectady, N.Y.