Student Profile:
Eric Beresheim ‘17

What is something that has defined your Siena experience?

This past semester I studied abroad in Shanghai, China. While I was able to take classes at Shanghai University of Finance and Economics, I was also able to work for Chinaccelerator, which is a subdivision of SOSV (a venture capital and investment management firm that provides seed, venture and growth stage funding to startup companies in the technology sector.)

As an intern with SOSV, Chinaccelerator, I participated in venture capitalist tasks as well as human resources and operational tasks. On the venture capital side of things, I performed due diligence for potential investments. Things that I examined were: current marketshare, company scalability, barriers to market entry, and overall value of the company. Most of the companies that participate in our accelerator are operating internationally.

How do you feel Siena prepared you for this opportunity?

The lean process “lingo” is often used in the Chinaccelerator office. I originally studied that process under Professor Cusack, executive director of the David ‘73 and Christine ‘75 Spicer Stack Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which made my experience much easier. Without taking the entrepreneurship classes at Siena, I would not have been able to be involved with my position with SOSV, Chinaccelerator.

What is your desired career path? How did Siena's Career Center help you in discovering or assisting you in this path?

I would love to go into investment banking, which could lead to a path to a leadership position in corporate America. Investment banking seems to be the “legitimizer” or “stamp of approval” for people with aspirations to enter the corporate world. I think it would be awesome to create some kind of networking database with alumni. Siena alumni are everywhere, just not all students know how to use their resources e.g. google search,

Sum up in a brief sentence or two your thoughts about the Siena College Career Center.

There is no other place on campus that makes my life aspiration feel more realistic. If you are aspirational and willing to put in the effort, the team in Foy Hall will work effortlessly to make sure you are prepared and headed in the right direction.

Eric Beresheim ‘17

Eric Beresheim

Class of 2017

Finance Major

Saugerties, NY