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Emma Bostian ‘15- Alum Profile

Why did you choose Siena College?

​I chose Siena for several reasons: the students, staff, and faculty were so incredibly welcoming and helpful, the opportunities provided to me both academically and socially were endless, and I was looking to walk away with both a diploma and a family for life.

Why computer science?

​I began my journey at Siena as a biology major but quickly determined it was not for me. I never considered computer science mainly due to the fact that both of my parents are employed in the field and I wanted to make my own path. However, after taking Intro to Computer Science, I quickly fell in love. I chose computer science because it challenged my logical reasoning skills while still giving me the aspect of creativity I sought in a career.

Most meaningful experience at Siena:

​Study abroad was absolutely my defining moment at Siena. In the fall of 2013, as a junior, I studied in London, England at City University. Throughout my three months abroad I got to travel to eight different countries and experience a multitude of different cultures. I also attended a service trip to Haiti during spring break of 2015 which was incredible. Siena gives you so many opportunities to study and travel abroad. Taking advantage of these opportunities shaped me into the person I am today.

What was your favorite computer science course?

​My favorite course is hard to choose, simply because I’ve had so many favorites! Among my absolute favorites were Web Application Development, Database, and Analysis of Algorithms. Learning how to create a website from scratch and have it pull information from a database is extremely rewarding. It also allows you to tap into your creativity! I found that all of the courses required for the computer science degree work in tandem and truly reinforce your understanding of the field.

How do you feel that Siena prepared you for your current job?

​I am currently a Software Engineer for IBM in Austin, Texas. From my internship with IBM in the spring of 2014 I was able to complete several interviews with IBM. Without the education I received at Siena I would not feel confident completing a technical interview, where a recruiter asks you a multitude of complex logic, algorithm, and coding questions on the spot. The professors and courses I have taken duly prepared me to conquer the technical interview and obtain the job of my dreams!

Emma Bostian ‘15- Alum Profile

Emma Bostian

Class of 2015

Computer Science Major

Red Hook, N.Y.