Student Profile:
Emily Roehl ‘16

Why did you choose Siena College?

I chose Siena College for its close-knit community and welcoming atmosphere. I attended a number of Open Houses and also did an overnight visit at Siena when I was looking at schools. I always enjoyed visiting Siena, the faculty and staff are so friendly and the campus is beautiful. Having grown up in the Capital Region, I knew many friends and family who went to Siena, and I was familiar with Siena’s great reputation in the community.

Why did you choose to major in Accounting?

I started at Siena as an Undeclared Business student. During my sophomore year I took my first accounting class, and had the opportunity to attend a dinner with accounting professionals from the Capital Region. I really enjoyed hearing their personal and professional stories, and I learned about the range of business opportunities that come with accounting. I decided to declare accounting at the end of that year, and could not be happier with my decision. I really like how accounting involves critical thinking and problem solving, and has a strong focus on helping the client.

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

I am currently a member of Siena’s School of Business Student Advisory Board (SAB), which serves to help improve the education and services the School of Business provides to students. SAB helps the School of Business with its future strategic plans and maintaining its accreditation. I have met a number of amazing students and faculty working with SAB, and feel good knowing that the work we have done will help future business students have the best education and experiences possible.

How has your internship experience shaped your Siena education?

I intern at the NYS Department of Health, in a financial office responsible for monitoring department transactions and invoices. I have learned how to use computer applications, such as Excel, to analyze and report on transactions, and I have also worked on building databases for data entry and reporting purposes. Through my internship I have gained great experience, both in accounting and computer work as well as working in a professional office and working with others, that I know will greatly help me as I start my full-time career after college.

What do you enjoy doing when you're not studying accounting?

I have always enjoyed staying involved on campus and taking advantage of the amazing activities and opportunities Siena offers its students. I am involved with a number of academic honor societies on campus that offer great professional and networking opportunities to students. I also write for Her Campus Siena, an online blog for college students, and am a member of the Siena College Pep Band. Pep Band has definitely been my favorite thing I have done during my college career. From winning the CBI tournament my sophomore year to reclaiming the Albany Cup in December, my favorite memories from the last four years include cheering on Siena Basketball in the Pep Band.

Emily Roehl ‘16

Emily Roehl

Class of 2016

Accounting Major

Glenville, NY