Student Profile:
Emerald Power ’19

Why did you choose Siena College?

I chose Siena College because of the incredible sense of community I felt when I was on campus. Feeling like you are part of something bigger than yourself is what I wanted out of my college experience and Siena was the perfect choice for that.

Why Biology and a certificate in Community Development?

Serving alongside others for issues that I am passionate about is why I am pursuing a degree in Biology and a certificate in Community Development. I hope to incorporate my love for the sciences with my passion of helping others in my future endeavors. I am able to combine these two interests through the Bonner Service Leaders Program, which is a four-year service program run out of the center of Academic Community Engagement.

How and why did you get involved with Siena’s Bonner Service Program?

The Bonner Program and the ACE office allows its members the opportunity to go out into the community and create a sustainable, lasting change in the Capital Region area. As a freshmen Bonner, I served as a Girl Scout Leader for the Siena Girl Scout Club at three different Troops in the area, working to teach leadership skills and empower the young girls. I always knew that volunteering and giving back to the community was something that I wanted to continue to do in college. On one of the overnight visits in my senior year of high school I met a member of the Bonner Program. Learning about it from her, I realized that it was something I could see myself being a part of.

What has been your favorite class thus far at Siena?

So far my favorite class would have to be my First-Year Seminar with the topic: Technology and Human Society. I found learning about how the advancements in technology are changing human interaction and the definition of what a society is to be really interesting.

Emerald Power ’19

Emerald Power

Class of 2019

Biology Major

Troy, NY