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Dan Loman ‘14- Alum Profile

Why Siena College?

I decided to attend Siena College because of the strong community atmosphere and small, highly regarded physics department. Siena felt the most like home.

How did studying physics at Siena prepare you for life after school?

The small class sizes, close-knit student/professor relationships, and emphasis on computational science were major aspects of studying physics at Siena that prepared me for life after school.

After Siena, he went to the University of San Francisco to get an MS in Analytics and did an internship with a sports analytics company.

What sparked your interest in data science?

I’ve always loved sports and statistics, so reading about sports analytics and seeing how people were analyzing sports data really introduced me to the entire field of data science.

In your senior capstone project you analyzed NFL and NBA data, is an interest in sports at the heart of your natural talent to analyze data?

Dan worked with Matt Bellis, Ph.D., on his senior-year capstone project analyzing NFL and NBA data and using it as a way to hone his computer coding skills. He presented a poster breaking down 4 different aspects of basketball and trying to determine their relative contributions to how good a team is. He even attended the annual Sloan Sports Analytics Conference at MIT that year!

Definitely. Sports and statistics (and data) go hand in hand, and there’s increasing demand for data analysts in all sports.

What are you currently working on?

My position with the Suns is as a Basketball Operations Analyst Intern. My responsibilities include building and executing advanced statistical analyses that support basketball operations decision making (specifically, around this time of year, the NBA draft and free agency). I’ll also be designing advanced stats reports for use by the coaching staff for in-game preparation. Also, in the fall of 2016, I worked in Dr. Bellis’ computer lab on a project with SportVU NBA player tracking data which played a big role in me landing this internship position.

Dan Loman ‘14- Alum Profile

Dan Loman

Class of 2014

Physics Major

Guilderland, NY