Student Profile:
Claire McGuire ‘14- Alum Profile

Major change:

Switched major to political science in her freshman year. “ A student ambassador I met the first day on campus helped me navigate the change. She was amazing.”


A constitutional-law class trip to appellate court opened her eyes to a career in law. “I was so interested in what was happening in the courtroom. Having that experience outside of the classroom really made an impact.”


An internship with the Rockland County District Attorney’s Office cemented her desire to go into law and earn a Pre-Law Certificate.

Full circle:

As a tour guide, she shares her excitement for Siena and provides the kind of guidance she received.“I really like what Br.Brian says, ‘It’s not what you say to people, it’s how you make them feel.’”

Claire McGuire ‘14- Alum Profile

Claire McGuire

Class of 2014

Political Science Major

Montrose, N.Y.