Student Profile:
Christopher LaPointe ‘18

Why Siena?

When I was looking for my ideal school, I knew that I needed a small-school atmosphere to be able to get the individual attention I needed to succeed. Everyone takes such pride and care in what they do; I knew right from the first visit that Siena would be able to give me the one-on-one interaction with professors that I craved.

Why English?

I chose to Major in English because of the strong teachers and professors I have in the subject. Back in high school, a teacher named Mr. Jason McMahon taught me to love the language and I wouldn’t be pursuing a degree in English without having had him. I was leaning towards English, and when I had Dr. Hertz for two classes this year I knew that it was the right field of study for me.

What has been your most meaningful experience at Siena?

My most meaningful experience here at Siena can’t be broken down to one moment in particular. Throughout the course of my time here at Siena I have had the privilege of becoming close to certain professors that have helped me pick appropriate classes, understand coursework, and ultimately decide to become an English Major. The relationships I’ve built here, be they with professors or with new friends, all have been incredibly meaningful.

What's the best book you've recently read?

The best book I’ve read recently is “A History of the World in 10 1/2 Chapters” by Julian Barnes in Dr. Hertz’s Great Books class.

What are your plans for the future?

As of right now I have two paths I am actively considering. The first is using my English Major to get into law school and pursue either criminal or environmental law, then use that platform to eventually run for public office. The other path would be using my English degree to go into education, either at the high school or college level. Choosing to major in English has afforded me the opportunity to pick from these two career options.

Christopher LaPointe ‘18

Christopher LaPointe

Class of 2018

English Major

Enfield, C.T.