Student Profile:
Chris Donato ‘14- Alum Profile

Major networking:

Spent the summer interning at ABC News, working on Good Morning America and World News. In 2012, he was an NBC Universal intern with NBC News/MSNBC Ad Sales Research. “I had an amazing experience. I never imagined learning so much in such a short period of time.”

A different POV:

Studied abroad in Cape Town, South Africa in spring 2013. “As an American Studies major, I wanted an experience that would allow me to see the United States from a new angle.”


I will never forget my time abroad. Going on safari, teaching in a small village, living so far from home … it has changed who I am as a person and will have a lasting impact on my career as a journalist.

Favorite moment abroad:

​Riding a camel!

Chris Donato ‘14- Alum Profile

Chris Donato

Class of 2014

American Studies Major

Montrose, N.Y.