Student Profile:
Cassandra Jane Werking ‘13- Alum Profile

Why Siena?

I chose Siena College because as soon as I set foot on campus, I felt like I was “home.” I was welcomed as another member of the Saint family. I knew from that day forward that Siena consisted of a loving community of professors, students, friars, and administrators where I could not only grow as a student, but as an individual.

Why did you choose American Studies with a minor in History?

I chose American Studies and a History minor because I love studying how history, literature, politics and culture intersect. I enjoy learning how those subjects collectively contributed to the construction and progression of our nation.

What has been your most meaningful experience since graduation?

I interned at the White House in the Office of Presidential Correspondence in 2015. It was an honor to be a part of the Obama Administration and to work for a president who I greatly admire. It was a humbling experience to help further the mission of the administration and to serve as the vital link between the president and the American people. In 2016 I interned for Congressman Paul Tonko at the United States Capitol and advocated for and worked to meet the needs of the congressional district I have lived in my entire life. When I was not cultivating my love for public service, I researched the 1919 Lusk Committee Records at the New York State Archives this past summer for an episode of the TLC documentary series Who Do You Think You Are? The committee investigated people and organizations in New York State that were accused of being a threat to American democracy and capitalism in the age of anxieties about socialism, communism, and anarchy.

What are your plans for the future?

I am currently pursuing my Ph.D in American History at the University of Kentucky in Lexington. I hope to inspire a love for American History, specifically the Civil War, in the hearts of my future students as a college professor like my history professors at Siena did for me. I also plan on running for elected office someday. In the meantime, I want to keep finding excuses to come back to visit Siena like visiting my sister Raychelle Werking!

Cassandra Jane Werking ‘13- Alum Profile

Cassandra Jane Werking

Class of 2013

American Studies Major

East Greenbush, NY