Student Profile:
Anna Youngmann ‘15- Alum Profile

Figuring it out:

Tried out six different majors before she realized that nothing was exactly what she wanted. Pioneered Siena’s Student Designed Interdisciplinary Studies major (SDIM) with the help of Dr. Lois Daly.

Small community, big opportunities:

Believes that the SDIM program will inspire students to go after their unique interests. “Throughout college I looked really indecisive, but that wasn’t the case. This program is for students who have a really specific career goal, but don’t have the major that’s tailored fitted to that goal.”

Life changed abroad:

Leader on the Thea Bowman Center for Women’s Peace and Non-Violence committee because of her passion to help stop human trafficking. This inspired her to study abroad in Cameroon, Central Africa. “It was definitely the most transformative four months of my life. Study abroad in the more unique places, go off the beaten path.”


Will graduate as a community leader, and international traveler with a B.A. in Interdisciplinary Studies with a concentration in Global Gender Studies. “The beauty of Siena is that it is small enough that if you want to make a difference you can. It is what you make of it.”

Anna Youngmann ‘15- Alum Profile

Anna Youngmann

Class of 2015

Student Design Interdisciplinary Major

Hoosick Falls, N.Y.