Student Profile:
Alicia Bryan ’17

Why did you choose Siena?

​I chose Siena for several reasons. Once I decided to transfer from another college at the beginning of my sophomore year, I visited Siena and it just felt like the right fit. A few reasons I chose Siena were the great course offerings, especially within the Political Science major, how close it was to home, the beautiful campus, and the welcoming people. A degree from Siena means a lot more than just passing your classes and getting by. The professors help and guide you to be good at things you may not even know you enjoyed doing in the first place. I wanted a degree that I had to really work for and no other school really offered that to me personally besides Siena.

How are you able to combine your academic passions at Siena? (Alicia is both a writing and communications and creative arts minor!)

​I always loved writing in many different forms and to be able to start a career that I love at 20 years old is something really special to me that I don’t think would have happened if I wasn’t at Siena. In today’s world it is really important to be informed about everything, and it’s important that there are people who report the news everyday about what is happening in the world, whether they are on TV or publishing newspapers. That is partially where my love for political science and writing come together. The courses I take in political science give me an immense amount of writing skills because the professors in the department not only take a great amount of time to discuss the important topics in their classes but they are great at guiding students to being better academic writers. Although I don’t write about politics in my job as a writer for Saratoga Living Magazine, I do write about how certain people live their lives, what is important to them as well as what is going on in their community and to me, it’s fulfilling and important work that needs to be done.

What has been your favorite course you’ve taken at Siena?

​It’s hard to choose a favorite course but if I had to choose it would be between World Politics with Professor Park and Political Research with Professor Collens; both of which were very challenging but were the classes I learned the most from. Outside of my major, I really loved Philosophy and The Human Being with Professor Burkey.

Alicia Bryan ’17

Alicia Bryan

Class of 2017

Political Science Major

Stillwater, NY