Student Conduct Review Board


The Student Conduct Review Board (SCRB) at Siena College consists of students and sometimes faculty. The chairperson is a student. This group hears cases of alleged policy violations by students. SCRB members are faculty appointments or students selected through a process and approved by the Student Senate. SCRB Members serve as volunteers who are trained in FERPA, confidentiality, disciplinary procedures, the rules of the college, and the philosophy of student conduct at Siena.

Most people who have not been to a Student Conduct Review Board Hearing think it’s like going to trial. Nothing could be further from the truth. A SCRB Hearing is not a criminal court of law. Rather, it is an administrative process of justice operating in an educational setting. Though we follow procedural guidelines, we do not follow the same process used by the criminal or civil courts.

The underlying philosophy of the Student Conduct Review Board is one of education and not punishment. This does not preclude the use of punitive sanctions. Rather, this means our student conduct process focuses on the education and the development of the individual respondent as well as the protection of community standards, in light of our Franciscan Catholic values. SCRB plays a precarious balancing act by striving to educate a person who has damaged his or her community and ensuring that the community is safe from damaging behavior by students.

The Student Conduct Review Board serves several important functions in the student conduct review process at Siena College:

To educate students about their rights and responsibilities as members of a living and learning community rooted in Franciscan Catholic values.

  • To prepare students for life after graduation, where each must assume responsibility for his or her actions.
  • To provide a hearing body comprised of one's peers, who may be more aware of environmental needs and problems than an administrator.
  • To interpret and protect the rights and responsibilities of individuals and the community.
  • To provide leadership opportunities for those serving on the Board, as well as having those SCRB members provide an important service to the community.

Student Conduct Review Board members are responsible to Siena for administering a very important portion of the student conduct process. This is a tremendous responsibility given to each SCRB member by the College. The manner in which Board members approach and accomplish this responsibility will either have a positive or negative impact on community life.

Additional Information

Additional information regarding the Student Conduct Review Board may be found in Siena Life, the Student Handbook.