Welcome Booth

Welcome Booth

Welcome Booth and Gate Operation Hours

The Siena College Public Safety department operates the Welcome Booth at Siena College.
While the Welcome Booth is open and staffed, all entrances to and from the campus will be through the main entrance to the College on Rte 9

Click here to access the Online Guest Registration webpage
(online registration access limited to enrolled Siena students; *all guests must be registered and retrain guest registration paperwork while on College property)


  • Campus gates will close nightly at 9:00 PM. The only exception is the gates off Fiddlers Lane (Middlefield and St. Francis) which must close at 6:00 PM on Friday, and remain closed until Monday morning because of town agreements. This will create a routine for our community and limit access to our front entrance.
  • The Welcome Booth will operate Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00PM to 4:00AM. The booth will be staffed by a Public Safety Officer with internet capability as well as hard copy student and guest registration rosters.
  • All vehicles will stop and passengers will be asked to show their Saint Card.  Registration for parking and guests not pre-registered will be conducted in Kiernan Hall. This operation will be staffed by a Public Safety Officer.

Welcome Booth Procedures

  1. All vehicles entering our campus will stop at the booth.
  2. Passengers in vehicles bearing a valid Siena College parking permit will be asked to show their Saint Card.
    • If all passengers have a Saint Card, the vehicle will be allowed to enter campus
    • Vehicles with a valid Siena parking permit but unregistered guests will have the Saint Card swiped through a card reader and asked to go to Kiernan Hall to register the guest. 
  3. Vehicles not bearing a valid Siena College parking permit will be asked to go to Kiernan Hall in order to register the vehicle.
  4. Vehicles entering campus with only guests with host and register their vehicle.
  5. If traffic allows, some/all of the procedures outlined above may be conducted at the booth. 
    • Occupants will be asked to show their Guest Registration paperwork;
    • Occupants without Guest Registration paperwork will proceed to Kiernan Hall to initiate registration process

Kiernan Hall Operations

The classroom on the west side of the building will be staffed by a Public Safety Officer. A computer will be available in order to allow the officer to access the guest database in real-time. We also plan to have the classroom computer available for students. The officer will have a hard copy guest list and vehicle registration forms as well.

  • Pre-registered guests show identification, register a vehicle and proceed to host.
  • Unregistered guests contact their Siena host for registration and follow above procedures prior to meeting host       


  • Empty taxis will be waived onto campus.
  • Taxis with passengers will have to follow the same procedures as outlined above. If passengers show the Saint Card they will be allowed on campus.
  • Taxi passengers without a Saint Card will be asked to proceed to Kiernan for further identification/registration.

Emergency Vehicles

  • All emergency vehicles will be allowed unobstructed access to campus. 

Whenever the gates are closed, other than Middlefield Road and St. Francis, the Public Safety Dispatcher will call the Colonie Police Dispatcher and advise them. If practical, the police and EMS vehicles will enter campus through the Main Entrance from
Route 9. Public Safety may also coordinate with Colonie to determine which gate they would like opened to facilitate the entry of the emergency vehicle onto campus.

We will work closely with everyone on campus to make necessary adjustments to support special events. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact me.

Thank You,
Michael Papadopoulos '82
Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs/Director of Public Safety
Siena College

In an effort to avoid confusion for guests, taxis and delivery persons, please advise all of the operating hours for the gates and proper entry onto the campus when making such contacts.