Access and Security

Access and Security

All campus facilities are patrolled by Public Safety, which routinely locks campus buildings evenings, weekends, and during holiday breaks. Several campus buildings have alarms that sound in the Public Safety Office, which is staffed 24 hours a day. Areas in Roger Bacon Hall and the Standish Library Computer Lab are monitored in Public Safety via video camera and alarms. There are also routine security patrols throughout all buildings.

Access and Security for Residential Areas

Siena residence halls are locked 24 hours a day, with access by magnetic card readers. Each resident student's identification card allows access to his or her residence hall. Students are responsible for upholding the integrity of the residence hall security system by not giving their cards to others and by using only authorized exit doors. The Townhouse Complex, which houses upper class students, consists of individual housing units that have keyed entrance doors and window locks.

In each residence hall, the Residence Director, Resident Assistants (upper class students living on each floor) and a Friar in Residence (clergymen and clergywomen) are available to assist students. Residence Directors have the overall administrative responsibility for the buildings and their residents.

Resident Assistants live in the residence halls and are trained by the residence staff. They are available 24 hours a day, and provide Siena students with a direct and ongoing source of information concerning campus procedures and practices. Resident Assistants have the authority to enforce campus procedures and practices.

Student residence rooms have telephone service available, and are provided with a list of emergency numbers. Student rooms also have peepholes in all doors. Students are an integral part of the security of their residence units and the campus as a whole. They are reminded frequently through Security Alerts and articles in the student newspaper to report strangers and suspicious activity (See Anonymous Tips) to Public Safety and to keep doors locked. (Security Alerts are notices posted throughout the campus that describe incidents of personal safety and criminal acts that affect the College community.)