Get Involved

Get Involved

Wondering what YOU can do to get involved at Siena? Well Student Senate provides an excellent way to support the fundamental mission of Siena, and to voice your opinion on some of the many issues regarding student life, academics, financial matters, and school services.

There are several ways to get involved with Student Senate:

Attend Weekly Meetings

Attending meetings on a regular basis familiarizes yourself with the matters that Senate deals with, the processes that Senate follows, and the key players that are present to make sure things get done. It also gives you an opportunity to speak out and give your opinion on topics being discussed.

Apply for an Ad Hoc Committee Position

Many times, certain issues arise at Senate that require a separate committee to implement an initiative or analyze a situation. These committees are comprised of senators, administrators, and often non-senate student representatives. If an ad hoc committee is called for at one of the meetings, and you would like to take part, make sure to contact a member of the Executive Board to apply for a position on the committee.

Run for an Elected Position/Apply for an Appointed Position on Senate

Each November, an election is held for many positions on Senate. These include Class Presidents, Residence Hall Presidents, and Senate Executive Board positions including President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. About a month prior to elections, petitions are available to feature your name on the ballot. After completing and handing in a petition, campaigning is done and the elections are held. After elections, the newly elected Senate Executive Board appoints the rest of the Senate "cabinet." These positions are available to anyone, and include Chief of Staff, Parliamentarian, Communications Director, Executive Assistant, Press Secretary, and Comptroller. Applications are typically sent out within 2-3 weeks after the election results are posted.

Becoming a part of Senate is a great way to help your fellow students and make Siena a better place to attend.