Latinos Unificando Nuestra América (LUNA)

Our club seeks to inform others of the significance of Latin cultures. LUNA also helps to enhance students' cultural vision while heightening their interest to learn about diverse Latin nations. Our primary goal is to represent Latinos through educational, social, cultural and religious activities. An additional goal of our organization is to promote bilingual opportunities for the campus community.

​What we do

Don Simon Bolivar (a political leader of Venezuela whose accomplishments includes the liberation of Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Panama and present-day Bolivia) once stated that “the first duty of a government is to give education to the people”. The following purposed student organization will provide that education to the Siena College community about past, present, and future Latin American culture. This objective is the sole purpose of Latinos Unificando Nuestra America (L.U.N.A.)

Latinos Unificando Nuestra America (L.U.N.A.) is a club that is focused on giving all students who are involved or affiliated with it a voice. We believe that one voice is enough to cause any kind of change. L.U.N.A.‘s purpose is to celebrate Latino culture everyday, and to educate as many people as possible about the culture through various activities and events. We believe that our members are the most important part of the club because in essence the club belongs to them. We expect our members to grow with us, and to become educated and responsible men and women. We work for all people to respect and accept all cultures and creeds. L.U.N.A. welcomes all members of Siena’s community to join and experience a taste of Latin Culture.

Contact Information

Hours: ​Mondays @ 9pm

Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Building: Siena Hall

Room: 123