The Siena College Urban Scholars Program is a Program for any student that attends an Elementary, or Middle School in the Albany City School District.

We meet for a total of 14 Saturdays during the school year, typically six of them in the fall semester, and two blocks of four in the spring semester.

Students are bussed to and from Siena with the program starting at 10:00am and ending at 3:00pm.

In the morning, the students participate in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) based class.

Lunch is provided in the Siena College Dining Hall.

After lunch, students participate in their second class, something based on Liberal Arts such as art or photography.

Classes are designed to be challenging for students, and we encourage them to ask for help.

Students will work closely with Siena students in a small mentor to student ratio so every student gets the help that he or she may need.

The program strives to encourage student's critical thinking skills, teamwork with their fellow piers, and persistance to never give up if something seems too hard. We want students to learn that their potential is beyond what they ever thought possible!



We offer a variety of classes:

STEM Based

Arts Based

NXT Robotics
Advanced Robotics
Physics with Egg Drop
Physics with Bottle Rockets
Programming with Scratch, Alice, & Python
Duct Tape Circuits
Alternative Energy
Architecture with Minecraft
Patterns with Rubik’s Cube
Geography with Mapping GIS
Fun with Chemistry
Artistic Design / Painting
Cartooning with Science
Electronic Music / Dubstep
Cooking Internationally
Creative Writing
Self Discovery
Creative Careers
Success Strategies for Teens
Junior Achievments

Sample Programs

Dr. Michele McColgan & Dr. Bob Colesante

Siena College 515 Loudon Rd. Loudonville, NY 12211